Blog Posts on the Life That Adoptees Face

Five Questions of the Adult Adoptee

By Marita Malone | 04/29/2020

Statistically, we’re still adoptees; only, we are “adult adoptees.” Let’s ask ourselves, what are the top five questions adult adoptees ask? I started my list.

How Can You Miss Someone You’ve Never Known?

By Marita Malone | 07/03/2020

How can one miss someone he or she has never known? It is phantom loss, much like losing an arm, but believing it is still attached. Adoptees feel it all the time.

adoptees find joy

Detachment of Adult Adoptees—and Self-help!

By Marita Malone | 08/29/2020

Detachment is often described as the state of being dispassionate, indifferent, aloof (my favorite word), withdrawn, or avoiding emotional involvement. We learn it from when we are abandoned and adopted.

Setting up boundaries when meeting our birth parents

Meeting Your Birth Parents for the First Time

By Marita Malone | 11/29/2020

Our happiest moments can be when we meet our biological moms and dads . . . .

adoptees find joy

Adoptees Who Self-Sabotage Relationships

By Marita Malone | 04/19/2021

Adoptees who are afraid of relationships